Depressed and Fat
This is a personal blog. It's my get away. This blog DOES NOT promote/encourage eating disorders, suicide, or any form of self-harm. This blog might be triggering. (viewer discretion is advised... lol, just kidding)
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no one really cares anymore. they’re all just curious. 

can’t fucking take this family anymore. they are better off without me. all i bring is anger and disappointment. they don’t need me. they really don’t. their lives would be so much easier and happier without me. 

- the pain stops
- no more sadness
- no more harming myself
- no more harming others
- I won’t be made fun of any more
- no one has to look at my fat body
- no one has to look at my ugly face
- lil sis gets her own room
- more room in the house
- parents make $ off of my stuff
- parents don’t have to pay for college or other expenses
- more $ spent on important things rather than myself
- ill be happy
- I won’t be a burden
- makes everyone’s life easier
- makes my life easier
- no stress

- gone forever
- can’t fix it
- hurt family?
- hurt friends?
- miss opportunities
- stay sad and fat
- can’t see what the future has



I need to learn how to say “no”. This is why I have panic attacks every freaking week. It leads to stress then it leads to thinking, then panic, then self harm. I need to learn how to say “no”. … But at the same time, I feel bad when I say no… gaaah! -.-